Leading Remote Teams through Visible Teamwork

for managers and leaders of remote teams and those transitioning to an office-optional approach

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When working as a remote team, communication can't be left to chance. We can't assume that our team members will know what's expected of them; that they will magically find out what everyone in the team is doing; or that team spirit will magically ignite and sustain itself.

In the online space, we need to set up processes to help us stay aligned; we can use online tools to helps us stay connected; we can adopt behaviours that stop us from feeling like we're dispersed.

Visible Teamwork is a concept that you can introduce as a manager in your team.
You can help lay down an ecosystem to help team members stay connected, both through personal connection and through their work.
You can use the online space to help you adopt a more modern, facilitative style as a manager, rather than the traditional supervisory role.

Leading Remote Teams through Visible Teamwork will guide you through:

  • Identifying how working in a virtual team, or transitioning to a remote team, affects motivation
  • Identifying those aspects of your individual context you need to share in your team
  • How to stay connected and co-ordinated through making your work and work-related activities visible
  • Ways in which you can celebrate that our human interactions don't always need to be planned!
  • Choosing the technology to help you adopt the principles of visible teamwork.

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Course Contents

  First, Some Vocabulary
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  A Coaching Mindset (Week 8)
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  Wrapping it All Up( Week 9)
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Your Instructor

Pilar Orti
Pilar Orti

Pilar is the Director of Virtual, not Distant, a company specialising in helping teams and organisations transition to an office-optional approach. She is also the host of the 21st Century Work Life podcast, where her, co-host Maya Middlemiss and a wide range of collaborators and guests, discuss topics such as leading remote teams, online collaboration and the evolution of distributed companies.

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