Obtaining a Virtual not Distant Course Certificate

Throughout this course we will encourage you to reflect on the content and apply the learning material to your own situations and workplace. Learning only takes real meaning when it’s put into practice. 

The Virtual not Distant Course Certificate will reward your tangible implementation of the learning material, combined with some reflection and evaluation. This will show us, and anyone else valuing or expecting a certificate at the end of the course, that you really benefited from the training, and used it to make changes in your leadership practice.

How to obtain a Virtual not Distant Course Certificate

Once you have gone through the course material, accessed some of the recommended reading or listening and attended at least one of the Remote Reflection meetings, pick one or two things to implement back at work. Or, if you are not currently leading a remote team, pick one or two of the practices featured in the course and evaluate in which contexts they would work best.

Then share your thoughts with us in whatever way is most enjoyable to you: a written piece (800 - 2,000 words), an audio file or a video file (between 5 and 10 minutes long), a comic, a series of illustrations, a sketch note, whatever mode of expression suits you best.

We're not looking for proof of dramatic improvements or sweeping changes. It’s not even about the outcome… What matters is the process, the act of applying the theory to real life situations, and learning from that, whatever you find out.

We're happy to keep your work private, but why not celebrate your course completion publicly? It's also a way of making your own work visible. You might want to:

  • Write a post on your company blog
  • Write a post on LinkedIn or Medium
  • Suggest a blog post for our own site virtualnotdistant.com

If you can think of other ways of obtaining your certificate, let us know, we're always ready to be surprised!

Final steps

Once we've received your coursework, we might ask you for further clarification or elaboration on any of the practices and outcomes. And if it’s in the public domain we’ll definitely share it and celebrate your success with you.

But we’ll also send you a Virtual not Distant Course Certificate in PDF format, so you can show the world that Visible Teamwork skills are now part of your active leadership toolset, rather than a course you once took.

If you have any further questions, ask them here or email us [email protected]

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